Testimonials of Boston TMS Therapy at Dignity Brain Health

A life saving treatment by people who understand. From the first visit to Dr. Haque's office and from every visit onward, I have felt welcomed and cared for as an individual. It's clear that "Dignity Brain Health" was the right choice of words to explain how I, as a patient, would be treated. ... I am more active, better able to handle emotions, and have a brighter outlook on my future than I've ever had in my entire life. To say this experience has saved my life would be an understatement, as it doesn't even outline how wonderful the people working here have been to me. Thank you Dignity Brain Health for giving me a whole NEW life to live."

-K.C.. (9/9/19)

Life-changing.  TMS has been a life-changing experience for me. I have biochemical depression and have taken almost every antidepressant ever manufactured since my early 20s (I am now 60.).  Fortunately, I found Dr. Haque. He is a compassionate healer who is dedicated to holistically improving the lives of his patients.”

-Lynn B. (7/11/18)

“TMS cured my depression! I've been suffering from severe depression, anxiety, and PTSD since early childhood. TMS has lifted me out of that dark hole. It's amazing to finally feel capable and unburdened. Dr Haque is a thorough and friendly doctor -- an excellent guide for the TMS journey.”

-K. S. (4/20/18)

“The end result was truly beyond my imagination. I have not felt this good since I can remember.  I had a very positive experience throughout the treatment period. Dr. Haque was extremely helpful with his advice. Initially, I was despondent and very skeptical about the possibility of recovery. However, the end result was truly beyond my imagination. I have not felt this good since I can remember. The care was exceptional from meeting my scheduling needs to recommending additional things I could be doing to improve my mental health.”

-Joseph H. (3/5/18)

“A proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.  Dr. Haque is a very kind, understanding individual who truly cares about the well-being and future of his patients. His investment in his practice seems driven by a selfless desire to improve the lives of those struggling with circumstances beyond their control. His emphasis on research-oriented treatment techniques is very refreshing, and he is always willing (and able! ) to provide evidence supporting TMS and other complementary treatment regimes.”

-Anonymous (7/6/18)

”Was able to go off medications after my TMS treatment”

-Andrew W. (2/6/18)

“Exceptional experience!  I have found Dr. Haque to be the most sincere and empathetic doctor, and has showed the most concern for my well-being of all the doctors I have had in recent memory. He is a terrific listener, and he will recall things I have shared with him months prior. He provides lots of suggestions for other things to do outside of the scope of his treatment, and provides links to articles, books, and other resources that provide more detail. I would recommend Dr. Haque without reservation.”

-R.Z. (7/3/18)

“Great Results. I was skeptical at first but no medications I have taken so far have worked in treating my depression so I decided why not try TMS? There are little to no side effects and I have seen an improvement in my overall mood and happiness more than any medications have given me and it only took 3 weeks to start seeing improvements. Overall I would highly recommend this treatment to any person suffering depression because I truly believe it works and there were no big risks or pain involved.”

-Karen K. (3/20/18)

Be Still there's hope with TMS. I was a little skeptical at the beginning, but after about four weeks into the treatment I began to feel a sense of hope, a sense of freedom from the cloud of darkness I felt over me.  I am now at the end of my treatment and I can honestly say that I feel much better than when I started, Thank you Dr Haque!”

-Anonymous (5/17/18)

“I'm no longer depressed. I owe my recovery to Dr. Haque, and recommend them highly!”

-Jenny K. (1/29/18)

“The insight here changed my life for the better. Dr. Haque and Dignity Brain Health exceeded all of my expectations. They are the most caring and competent in the area of depression treatment in my experience, and are generous with their time, compassionate, and attentive. The knowledge, credentials, and insight here can change you life.”

-Daniella A. (1/16/18)

A tremendous experience with low risks and many positives!  TMS is not a well known treatment and may be approached with skepticism but I promise it is worth it for those who have struggled and have tried other options. The only thing you risk losing is your time, but when you are struggling with depression and mental illness time is already something you have surely invested. This process is also made so reasonable and easy to schedule thanks to Dr. Haque - who is a fantastic listener and a compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated psychiatrist.”

-Andrew G. (6/6/18)

“Very warm, caring, and knowledgeable doctor. Dr. Haque is a very warm, caring, and knowledgeable doctor. During the intake, I had a candid conversation with him about my struggles with depression. Dr. Haque took the time needed to truly understand my situation and make appropriate recommendations. He is up to date on all the research, which has been helpful in itself. He has a MD as well as a PhD and so knows all the up-to date treatments and evidence. Dr. Haque, I sincerely thank you for your compassion and the care you have given me!”

-C.M. (1/16/18)

“Head and shoulders above prescription based psychiatry! This treatment has been super effective. Dr. Haque is a very compassionate provider.”

-Anonymous (6/12/18)