What is TMS?


Depression Treatment With TMS Psychiatry in Boston

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is an FDA-approved, safe, and highly effective treatment for depression that is covered by all major insurances.

TMS is indicated for patients who still have symptoms of depression even after they have tried medication. TMS Therapy has been shown to significantly reduce depression symptoms even for the most severe cases. TMS is more effective than medications for depression, and has none of the many negative side effects of antidepressant medications. In research studies, compared to only 7% remission rates for antidepressant medication, about 45% of people find complete remission on TMS, over 65% respond (have >50% reduction in their depression symptoms). At Dignity Brain Health, 95% of people respond, and 50% find complete remission.

TMS psychiatry sessions are 19-minutes long, non-invasive, and use gentle magnetic pulses (like an MRI) to improve function in areas of the brain underactive when one is depresses. During a TMS session, patients sit in a comfortable spa chair, listen to relaxing music, remain awake and alert, and there is no change in consciousness. Many patients even come in for treatment during their lunch break and get right back to work.

TMS vs. MEDICATION (for Treatment Resistant Depression)

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