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About Boston TMS Therapy at Dignity Brain Health


At Dignity Brain Health, we are not only your clinicians; we are also with you as a person with dignity; we accompany you in your full humanity throughout your illness and recovery; we are with you in solidarity as your partners and teammates in your health journey. We are your caregivers, and we devote and commit ourselves to giving you the highest quality and safest TMS therapy in the Boston area, being professional, attentive, sensitive to your unique needs, illness narrative, and treatment path. We commit to giving our full energies and passions to bringing you to this next chapter in your life, and a hopeful return to better days ahead. We are looking forward to working with you to improve your health and wellbeing.


TMS Therapy (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is a FDA approved, safe and highly effective treatment for depression that is covered by all major insurances in the area (including Medicare and MassHealth), and over 2 million treatments have been given in the United States. TMS therapy uses highly targeted and gently pulsed magnetic fields (similar in ways to an MRI) to stimulate areas of the brain that are under-active in depression. TMS therapy is indicated for patients who still have symptoms of depression even after they have tried antidepressant medication.


TMS therapy has been FDA-approved since 2008, and there have been over 2 million treatments given to date. TMS therapy is non-invasive, and only involves a magnetic coil being placed on your scalp for 19 minutes a day. The safety of TMS therapy has been confirmed not only by the FDA but also in over 100 clinical studies. Since TMS therapy doesn’t involve the ingestion of any chemicals or anesthesia, it doesn’t have any of the negative side effects that are common in antidepressant drugs (nausea, low libido, upset stomach, bloating, etc.) or ECT (cognitive complaints, memory problems ,etc.). TMS therapy has no known lasting side effects. TMS therapy is extremely well tolerated, and at Dignity Brain Health, 95% of patients complete all 46 treatment sessions.


Even for the most difficult to treat cases, TMS therapy can work. Most patient notice dramatic improvements in their symptoms after about 4 weeks of daily weekday treatments. Over 100 clinical research studies have shown that TMS therapy can significantly reduce depression symptoms even for the most severe cases. TMS therapy is more effective than medications for depression, and has none of the many negative side effects of antidepressant medications. In research studies, compared to only 7% remission rates for antidepressant medication, about 45% of people find complete remission on TMS therapy, over 65% respond (have >50% reduction in their depression symptoms).

At Dignity Brain Health, 95% of people have responded (“response” = greater than 50% reduction in depression symptoms) to TMS therapy. In addition, approximately 55% of patients at Dignity Brain Health have found complete remission from depression.

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TMS therapy in Boston and Massachusetts more generally is 100% fully covered by insurance companies, including Medicare and MassHealth, and at Dignity Brain Health, we take all major insurances in Massachusetts. Most patients only pay their contracted plan’s co-payment (but insurance plans vary depending on what you signed up for). Criteria for insurance coverage is if a patient has tried 4+ antidepressant medications in the past, and does not have bipolar disorder or psychosis. Our clinic does all of the paperwork to ensure the patient gets their treatment approved by their insurance company, such as all benefits investigations and prior authorization for the patient.


At Dignity Brain Health in Boston, TMS therapy sessions are conveniently only 19-minutes long, are non-invasive, and can be easily fit into a busy schedule. During the treatment you remain awake and alert, and there is no change in consciousness. Many patients even come in for treatment during their lunch break and get right back to work. During a TMS therapy session at Dignity Brain Health, patients sit in a comfortable spa chair, and listen to relaxing music or engaged in soothing conversation or meditation. At Dignity Brain Health, we offer convenient hours from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm to accommodate even your busiest days.

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